Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gastric Bypass - Jennifer Pierce Reports 3 Years Later

-----------------JENNIFER NOW-----------------

"Best thing I have ever done for myself!" Jennifer exclaimed. It was my privilege to see Jennifer Pierce in the office three years after her laparoscopic Roux en-Y gastric bypass by me at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

She was very willing to share some of her journey.

She told me she weighed 267 lbs before surgery and now weighs only 155 lbs. She is near ideal weight and doesn't she look great?

"I now love to work out," Jennifer said when I asked if she is staying active.

She is much happier as you can see from her photos. She has more confidence in herself and is feeling much better than before her operation.

Jennifer's weight loss is a result of her strong effort to get her best result from her operation by staying active and making great choices. She lost nearly all of her excess weight in the first year after her gastric bypass but her weight has remained stable since then.

Great job Jennifer! I am delighted with your result and you should be very proud of yourself for what you have accomplished and how you have kept the weight off.Keep up the good work!

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  1. How you maintained yourself does you got through help of bariatric surgery